PSAI- "world's first technical training agency" in Nederland

Professional Scuba Association International (PSAI) was de eerste international erkende organisatie met trainingstandards voor extended range diving.

The founder Hal Watts ontwikkelde die standaards bijna 50 jaar geleden, in een tijd dat technisch duiken nog niet bestond. PSAI kent dus een zeer rijke historie (zie hierna) en heeft zo de nodige ervaring opgedaan. Maar weinigen weten dat het bekende credo “Plan your Dive, Dive your Plan” in de PSAI geledingen is ontstaan.

Het logo van PSAI laat niet voor niets een gouden driehoek zien, een stabiele basis met als kernwoorden en -waarden: Knowledge, Safety & Integrity. Dit bepaalt dat de PSAI trainingen echt performanced based zijn met een hoog gehalte aan .... Dive Dive Dive.

PSAI is nu ook in Nederland actief.

PSAI thinks global and acts local. Op deze site vind je meer informatie over de PSAI aanpak van technical diving, performace based noemen we die.

“Technical diving always was, and still is, all about wanting to push that bit further. We recognise that technical training is very much like walking up a set of stairs. Take too many steps at one time and you could fall. In some sports people want to run before they can walk, so we build the divers experience at the right rate. This means that if you have successfully completed a course then your skills set will match exact what that c-card says. Trainings are performance based, with you working with your instructor right there, by your side. It means you are capable of getting involved in cutting edge diving.…..

Wat verwachten we van onze instructeurs en wat mag je van hen verwachten??

De visie van PSAI is dat de instructeurs een heel belangrijke plaats innemen in het leerproces. Zij zijn de sleutel tot het succes van de cursist. PSAI stelt daarom hele hoge eisen aan haar instructeurs. Op de eerste plaats verwachten we een open mind. PSAI standaards zijn gebaseerd op de best practises maar er is ook heel veel ruimte voor maatwerk. Het gaat erom dat de duiker een optimale fit met zijn duikomgeving ontwikkelt. PSAI instructeurs zijn daarom niet alleen praktisch maar ook didactisch geschoold. Eens benoemd tot PSAI instructeur kunnen zij blijvend terugvallen op:

“The PSAI approach to training is not about "lets be the biggest" and pushing numbers through, but on maintaining high quality instruction and real world diving that takes forward the Golden Triangle ethos of Knowledge, Integrity and Safety”.

PSAI gaat voor kwaliteit en dat betekent dat grote namen zoals Hal Watts, Holger Stock, Gary Taylor, Joe Keiser, Joe Odom, Mike Ange, David Crockford, Steve Gerrard, Eveline Verdier, Cedric Verdier en Davy Koh allemaal deel uitmaken van de PSAI familie. Sheck Exley told on DEMA 1994 -just before he died- about PSAI : " Yes, you know I have known Hal Watts for I suppose nearly 30 years, I think he was my earliest diving hero except perhaps my original scuba instructor Tim. But Hal is very careful and in his organization PSAI they are very careful and meticulous in their deep air training and I have always recommended their program as the best deep air training in the world. There's nobody safer and more careful and more knowledgeable than Hal (Watts) and Elton (Moore) and Terry (Tysall) and the other PSAI instructors..."

PSAI is ook in Nederland actief. Op deze site vind je meer informatie over de PSAI aanpak van technical diving. The program you'll find here.

De historie van PSAI in een notendop

" The Professional Scuba Association International is one of the oldest scuba instructional training agencies in the world. For many years it was a small, specialized organization that was predominantly involved with diving training associated with extended range, deep air diving", the to days program.

1962 - Florida the beginning ..

" The Professional Scuba Association International (PSA) was originally founded as the Florida Scuba Association in 1962 by Hal Watts in Orlando, Florida. Hal’s experience with scuba had begun in 1955 while he was attending college, earning a Master’s degree in Law.

During the 1960’s Hal became devoted to extended range diving and developing proven, effective diving techniques for dives to depths greater than the normal recreational range of 40 meters (132 feet). In 1968, using the methods he developed, Hal set the World’s Record Depth by diving to 119 meters (390 feet). In 1970, Hal wrote and copyrighted the first manual for Extended Range Deep Diving for instructors. Hal also had Ned Deloach of New World Productions produce a 16 mm color film for Deep Diving on location at Wakulla Springs, Florida.

Hal Watts formed a specialty diving club known as the “Forty Fathom Scubapros” that was very active diving all over Florida, especially at a spectacular sink hole, that just happened to be 40 fathoms deep! Many of the other divers and organizations simply were not prepared to understand the desire of these early pioneers, so they continued largely in quiet. During the 1970’s they continued to refine techniques and skills to improve safety in deep diving activities. Hal still holds the record for a deep air dive in caves at 127 meters (415 feet)"

1970’s - Plan your Dive, Dive your Plan

" Widely respected for business and marketing Hal, also known as “Mr. Scuba”, has been active in virtually all the trade shows and meetings spanning over four decades. Hal has been recognized as the Diver of the Year by Beneath the Sea, testified before the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration and a host of other accolades and experiences. Little known facts include that he developed and coined the term “octopus” for the additional second stage, to eliminate problems associated with “buddy breathing”. In the “old days” buddy breathing meant sharing one mouthpiece, not like today’s world of simply passing the “octopus”! Another contribution to safety awareness is his devotion to dive planning. The phrase “Plan your dive, Dive your Plan” came from Hal’s early PSA desire to promote safe diving activities"

1980's - Technical diving becomes mainstream

" PSAI was in place as the mainstream technical agencies burst onto the market in the mid-1980’s and continued their program of careful selection of instructors and adherence to safe diving techniques. Many of the various agencies recognized the PSA programs for the quality and afforded direct cross-over certification"

1990's - The seeds of growth

"During the 1990’s Hal had long discussions of the philosophy with Joe Odom. Joe had been Chairman of the National Speleological Society’s Cave Diving Section and was a well known author of a wide variety of technical diving articles and manuals for Technical Diving International (TDI) as well as the International Training Director for International Training Incorporated. ITI was the parent heading for the popular open water organization SDI as well as TDI and ERDI, the public safety branch. Joe had dove all over the world and was well known for his unique teaching style. Many of their ideas of what should be included in courses and the importance of continuous in-water training clicked and Joe would use Hal’s commercial diving site, the Forty Fathom Grotto, for many of his classes. It was only natural, that after Joe resigned from TDI in 2004 that Hal felt Joe was ideally suited to push PSA forward"

2007 – An international known and respected scuba organisation

"During organizational meetings in early 2005, the PSAI course structure was re-configured into course offerings. It was set up to include logical paths of their normal extended range programs, a traditional path of technical deep diving from nitrox to trimix and a rebreather path. This technique gives the prospective student the style and courses that fit their desired training objectives, without having to do un-necessary out of scope work. At the same time, every PSAI diver will receive the highest quality training from the highest quality instructors"

PSAI World Wide The Professional Scuba Association International has their headquarters in Ocala, Florida.

Vanaf 2005 begon de internationale expansie en professionalisering van PSAI. The founder Hal Watts is CEO. PSAI kent een regionale opzet: Amerika/VS: Gary Taylor; AziŽ: Joe Keiser; Centraal Europa: Holger Stock; Nederland: Ferry van Dorst

Het PSAI-programma kun je hier bekijken.

PSAI is nu ook in Nederland actief en is uiteraard eenvoudig bereikbaar:

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